Patriot Politics

"I like to see the people awake and alert." – Thomas Jefferson

Patriot Politics - "I like to see the people awake and alert." – Thomas Jefferson


We’re fond of George Patton in our house.  We like the portrayal George C. Scott made of him, and we think it must have been thrilling to the nation and his colleagues in the military when he blasted through North Africa and Europe.  He’s just the kind of no-b.s. guy you want in a leader: decisive, blunt, quick to act, and then move on to the next task.

We first saw this video a couple of years ago when the anti-war movement was noisy.  The micro-managers in Washington were giving General Petraeus a hard time.  Suddenly Congressional Representatives who couldn’t recall specific briefings decided to cover their backsides by suggesting they’d been lied to and that a forceful surge wouldn’t solve any problems.  Now we’ve got no outside war protesters to speak of – after all,  it was their candidate who won the election.  Protesting his war policy would be loony, wouldn’t it, even though you’re carping about it amongst yourselves.  Besides, why go out of town to protest, unless you’re Cindy Sheehan, when you’ve got Congress to oppose the President’s war policy – such as it is – for you?

“In this time of nuclear weaponry we cannot afford to wait for the fight to come to us!  You need to understand that.  This political correctness stuff is just a bunch of crap!  This generation is so god-dammed spoiled and lazy, it wouldn’t know a real threat to their freedom until it interrupted the power source to their X-box and killed a half a million people. The complacency of fools will destroy them.”

Patton Returns

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