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"I like to see the people awake and alert." – Thomas Jefferson

Patriot Politics - "I like to see the people awake and alert." – Thomas Jefferson


Politico breaks with: Obama: Stimulus saved 1 million jobs .  Could this White House be any more lame? “Earlier this month, tens of thousands of state and local governments, private companies, colleges and universities and community organizations across the country submitted reports on how they have put Recovery Act funds to work through September 30th. Later today, when these totals are posted, we anticipate that these reports will credit the Recovery Act with directly creating or saving about 650,000 jobs. Because these reports show that less than half of the spending through that date created or saved about 650,000 jobs, they confirm government and private forecaster’s estimates that overall Recovery Act spending has created and saved at least 1 million jobs.

‘The reports will be posted in-full on this afternoon, offering the American people with more information about the Recovery Act at work than with any previous government program.”


“Oh . . . well, that 30,000 jobs created number . . . errr. . . that we admitted we overstated by 5,000 . . . didn’t include all those jobs out there that were saved by the stimulus . . . and we know 25,000 doesn’t sound like a lot, so let’s just say about 600,000 jobs because we are expecting the reports to say those were saved, and then we can just apply that ratio because all the money hasn’t been used yet and presto!  We’re at a million, just like that!  See?  This mirror is so transparent because of all the smoke!”



Well, bowl us over with a feather!  Who knew?  Politico compares Joe Biden’s popularity to that of other Vice Presidents and finds it significantly lower. (Subscribers may have to click in to view video below).

The narrative reveals that polling experts aren’t able to specifically figure out why.  Here’s an idea:  maybe Biden’s not popular because he has a, shall we say, fluid relationship with the truth?  Or maybe because his expertise, particularly in the area of foreign policy, is, shall we say, obtuse?  Or, maybe it isn’t racist not to like Biden?

One thing’s for certain:  Biden’s a guy who believes his own bullshit, even when he’s 20 points down from Dick Cheney.  Keep knockin’ yourself out, Joe.



It’s beginning to seem like everyone associated with the White House is carrying around Mao’s Little Red Book or something:

This is Obama’s manufacturing czar, Ron Bloom, who “kind of” agrees with Mao, “that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun.”  If you only “kind of” agree with someone, wouldn’t you try and find someone with whom you agree more to reference in a speech?  I mean, isn’t face time with an audience full of peeps deserving of your truest inspiration?

Who is Ron Bloom?  How do you get from investment banking to special assistant to the United Steelworkers union?  Is it by cozying up with the moneymen?  Now that Ron is manufacturing czar AND car czar, do we have any doubts that the future of industry is going to be shaped with a union bias?

Obama, upon appointing Bloom to his position, said, “We must do more to harness the power of American ingenuity and productivity so that we can put people back to work and unleash our full economic potential.” Can you spot a euphemism in that sentence?  Sure you can.  Can you spot the adulterated whitewash focus on Ron Bloom’s credentials as an investment banker union official?  You can do that too!

Are we to believe that Chrysler debtholders were eager to accede $6 billion in secured debt for $2 billion without some persuasion from Mr. Bloom or his predecessor Steve Rattner?  (Yes, that Steve Rattner, late of . . . wait for it. . . United Steelworkers.  Evidently when Steve had a little bribery and extortion problem, the Obama Administration didn’t look too far for his replacement.)  USAToday, in a laughable sentence, sums up what is an all too familiar circumstance when it comes to Obama appointments, which have the tendency of mirroring the level of previous experience of Barry himself:

His résumé may not be packed with car industry experience and political know-how, but in a few short weeks, Ron Bloom has become one of the most powerful people in the auto industry.

Please.  Save us from the legions of socialist thinkers in the Obama Administration who are comfortable saying things like this:  “In today’s world the blather about free trade, free-markets and the joys of competition is nothing but pablum for the suckers.” Would that be some dissonance out of a Wall Streeter?  Did all the money and power at Lazard corrupt Bloom’s thinking about capital markets and free enterprise?  Or was the greater truth revealed at USW?

Or maybe it was when, as an impressionable young graduate, Bloom worked as . . . wait for this, too. . . an organizer at SEIU?  Nothing like a little stint in organizing to inspire a career: After graduating from Wesleyan University in 1977, Bloom worked as a labor organizer. At the Service Employees International Union, one of the nation’s largest unions, he came to the conclusion that unions lacked the technical skills to negotiate with management teams and their advisors at the bargaining table. “Unions were being backed into corners by companies and couldn’t understand on a sophisticated level, the company’s arguments,” he once said. “Labor needed to be armed with the equivalent skills.”

We seem to think all these truths became self-evident when Ron found a home at the USW.  It appears the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) might share them, too.  DSA’s Spring 2007 publication mentions DSA ties to the USW, according to Trevor Loudon (h/t The Real Barack Obama).  Loudon points to DSA member speakers include AFL-CIO president John Sweeney , Cornel West, Barbara Ehrenreich and David Bonior, plus Steel Workers Union President Leo Gerard.  Leo, of course, recruited our friend Ron Bloom to the USW.  What a tangled web!

It’s not surprising that the DSA states, “We are dedicated to building truly international social movements—of unionists, environmentalists, feminists and people of color—which together can elevate global justice of brutalizing global competition.” And by now, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Obama Administration’s face at the table of manufacturing and industry moves, if not in then certainly at the periphery of, socialistic circles.  Ron’s got company.  Hilda Solis, Obama’s Secretary of Labor, has DSA connections, too.

How much more evidence needs to come to light to persuade doubters that Obama only appoints those are zealously committed to changing the economic and social fabric of the United States using his socialist playbook?  And how much more is going on behind the scenes, left uncovered?  Can anyone truly doubt what “hope and change” is really all about here?  Anyone?



We received most of the following in a post-worthy email.  Because there’s been some controversy over awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to someone who’s a little short on accomplishments, fairness dictates we acknowledge what actually has been done in the first few months of the Obama reign presidency.  Turns out Barry’s pretty busy after all!

In just nine months, Barack Hussein Obama has:

1. Offended the Queen of England and Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

2. Bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.

3. Praised the Marxist Daniel Ortega.

4. Kissed Socialist Thug Hugo Chavez on the cheek.

5. Endorsed the Socialist Evo Morales of Bolivia .

6. Sided with Hugo Chavez and Communist Fidel Castro against the democratically-elected leadership in Honduras.

7. Announced we would meet with Iranians with no pre-conditions while they’re building their nuclear weapons.

8. Gave away billions to AIG also without pre-conditions.

9. Expanded the bailouts to financial services firms, resulting in some of the highest paid third quarter bonuses in history.

10. Insulted everyone who has ever loved a Special Olympian.

11. Doubled our national debt.

12. Announced the termination of our new missile defense system the day after North Korea launched an ICBM.

13. Released information on U.S. intelligence gathering despite urgings of his own CIA director and the prior four CIA directors.

14. Accepted without comment that five of his cabinet members cheated on their taxes and two other nominees withdrew after they couldn’t take the heat.

15. Appointed a Homeland Security Chief who identified military veterans and abortion opponents as “dangers to the nation.”

16. Ordered that the word “terrorism” no longer be used and instead refers to such acts as “man made disasters.”

17. Circled the globe to publicly apologize for America ‘s world leadership.

18. Told the Mexican president that the violence in their country was because of us.

19. Politicized the census by moving it into the White House from the Department of Commerce.

20. Appointed as Attorney General the man who orchestrated the forced removal and expulsion to Cuba of a 9-year-old whose mother died trying to bring him to freedom in the United States .

21. Salutes as heroes three Navy SEALS who took down three terrorists who threatened one American life and the next day announces members of the Bush administration may stand trial for “torturing” three 9/11 terrorists by pouring water up their noses.

22. Low altitude photo shoot of Air Force One over New York City that frightened thousands of New Yorkers.

23. Sent his National Defense Advisor to Europe to assure them that the US will no longer treat Israel in a special manner and they might be on their own with the Muslims.

24. Praised Jimmy Carter’s trip to Gaza where he sided with terrorist Hamas against Israel .

25. Nationalized General Motors and Chrysler while turning shareholder control over to the unions and freezing out retired investors who owned their bonds. Committed unlimited taxpayer billions in the process.

26. Passed a huge energy tax in the House that will make American industry even less competitive while costing homeowners thousands per year.

27. Announced nationalized health care “reform” that will strip seniors of their Medicare, cut pay of physicians, increase taxes yet another $1 trillion, and put everyone on rationed care with government bureaucrats deciding who gets care and who doesn’t.

We’re reminded by Obama’s minions that we just have to accept change.  Bloomberg: Daschle says, “Health care reform will not be pain free. Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them,” while former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm says seniors have “a duty to die.”  All this while the President, Senators and Congressmen and their dependents have their own special gold-plated health care plan which is guaranteed the remainder of their lives, which is excluded under this new law if they pass it.

28.  Circumvented the First Amendment by targeting news organizations, political commentators, and opposing candidates for questioning the Administration as “enemies.”

29.  Snubbed Angela Merkel’s personal invitation for the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall.

30.  Dithered on about a request for additional troop levels from General McChrystal and other commanders on the ground in Afghanistan, while floating the premise that perhaps the Taliban is “not so bad.”

31.  Spent countless taxpayer dollars on a multi-plane entourage to promote Chicago’s bid for the Olympics.

32.  Defied his own promotion of transparency and bipartisanship by sequestering  Democrats and locking out Republican leaders from the health care legislative process.

33.  Recruited advisors, aides, and “czars” who publicly express admiration for the tactics and philosophy of mass-murderer Mao Tse-tung, and other socialist principles:  Anita Dunn, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein and Ron Bloom.

34. Left Eastern European NATO allies vulnerable to Russian aggression.

This by no means is a complete list, but it should be sufficient to paint a picture even the most apolitical observer could understand.  If you don’t oppose the policy that spurs these actions, you’re complicit.



Part of being a good friend is that you show up for the important events: baptisms, weddings, graduations, holiday parties, funerals.  We suspect the protocol people in the White House are having a heck of a time with Barry and MO.  The Narcissist-in-Chief and the Queen of Classlessness just don’t care unless it’s about them.  Why else would he not be attending the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall?  Nope, our boy Barry is snubbing Angela Merkel’s personal invitation and sending his surrogate, Miss Happy-to-Be-Anywhere-Really- I’m-Important-Too Hillary Clinton.

Let’s recap Barry’s travel priorities during the first nine months of his reign in office and through the rest of the year:

  • The Apology Tour, Part 1 – The Muslim World. “My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy. We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect.” – in an interview with Al Arabiya
  • The Apology Tour, Part 2 – Europe. Karl Rove summarizes : Mr. Obama told the French (the French!) that America “has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive” toward Europe. In Prague, he said America has “a moral responsibility to act” on arms control because only the U.S. had “used a nuclear weapon.” In London, he said that decisions about the world financial system were no longer made by “just Roosevelt and Churchill sitting in a room with a brandy” — as if that were a bad thing. And in Latin America, he said the U.S. had not “pursued and sustained engagement with our neighbors” because we “failed to see that our own progress is tied directly to progress throughout the Americas.”
  • The Apology Tour, Part 3 – The United Nations speech.  Peter Wehner points to the “clinical addiction” Obama seems to have with apologia, especially in front of an international audience.
  • The Apology Tour, Part 4 – Sub-Saharan Africa, where Barry’s extemporaneous remarks while visiting a former slave depot dripped with unintended irony: “That reminds us that sometimes we can tolerate and stand by great evil even as we think we are doing good.”
  • The Apology Tour, Part 5 – Mexico. Yep, it’s all our fault.
  • The Apology Tour – Asia. Coming via breathless coverage by the lamestream media to you next month.  Stops in China, South Korea, Japan and Singapore.  This trip is scheduled to commence two days after the Berlin festivities.
  • Copenhagen – rooting for his hometown with the IOC.  FAIL.
  • Oslo – in the works to pick up an award he admits he doesn’t deserve.

Since Obama has made it his mission to travel more than any other President EVER!, you’d think a congratulatory stop in Berlin would be just the ticket.  Barry tours more than U2, after all!  Except, wait.  Darned if we can’t think of a thing he could apologize for during a celebration of the end of tyranny.  Seems as though his advisors can’t convince him it’s worth the trouble if it’s not about him.



Both wings of the blogosphere have been all a-twitter over the assault tactics the Obama Administration is using against Fox News.  Carrying the Obama standard at the vanguard is one Anita Dunn, interim Communications Director for the White House.  Anita is one-half of a Newsweek 2008 “Power Couple.”  Her spouse, Robert Bauer, was general counsel to the Obama campaign and now is general counsel to the Democratic National Committee.  Trying to suppress free speech that opposes Obama policy is a family thing with Bob and Anita.  Conveniently, Anita is on temporary leave from her partnership at Squier Knapp Dunn, a communications consulting firm.  We show her here with another Obama crybaby crony, David Axelrod, who continues to receive financial rewards from Obama-related consulting gigs.  Clearly they didn’t get Barry’s memo about such things.

What assault tactics?  Fox News has a summary here.  Suffice to say in a shoot-out between the White House and the First Amendment, we know where we’d put our money.

Who and what is under the rock from which Anita Dunn crawls?  There’s the interesting part.  But before we get to that, let’s talk ideology.  In her own words.  Roll the tape:

Hugh Hewitt assesses: “She was not joking.  She was painfully earnest and apparently utterly clueless about the legacy of the mass-murdering fanatic Mao.  Imagine saying that you took inspiration from the writings of Pol Pot, and failing to mention the slaughter of 2 million Cambodians under his rule.” Imagine, indeed.  This ain’t your garden variety Che Guevara fashion statement-making liberal here, folks.  This is a special kind of deliberative cluelessness.

It appears that Anita’s chosen challenging path, her personal Calcutta, is trailblazing the fight against a particularly arduous foe, as her two mentors would have approved.  On she forges, spearheading the Obama Administration’s goal of suppressing the bedrock of free speech in this country, despite the admonitions of some of her professional counterparts that this path is, to put it mildly, ill-advised.  We’re going to treat [the FOX News] the way we would treat an opponent. As they are undertaking a war against Barack Obama and the White House, we don’t need to pretend that this is the way that legitimate news organizations behave. -The New York Times interview, October 11, 2009

There’s a long history of dragon-slaying emanating from the halls of Squier Knapp Dunn.  A quick perusal of their website reveals who dwells in their rock garden.  The company’s clients have included Senators Mary Landrieu (roped into line during the Hurricane Katrina debacle), and Jay Rockefeller, who thinks the internet is dangerous for our country.  Chuck Schumer thinks they’re swell.

SKD boasts battle-tested campaign strategists among its principals who are capable of “turning red seats blue,” having acted as counsel and developer for Tom Daschle, Bill Bradley, Evan Byah, Andrew Cuomo, and Michael Bloomberg.  The company roster includes Barbara Boxer’s former Chief of Staff, Karen Olick, who founded Americans United for Change to deflect George W. Bush’s Social Security plan, and worked for the Harkin, Biden and Mondale Presidential campaigns.

SKD prides itself in providing superior “message development, free press strategy (!), crisis communications,” as well as “grass roots advocacy and organizing.”  Hmmm.  It can’t be coincidental that having worked with NARAL, Al Sharpton, SEIU locals, SEIU New Jersey, SEIU National, and initiatives such as SEIU Take Back America, that SKD would persuade a former SEIU Executive Director, Jennifer Cunningham, to jump into bed.

With all that, it isn’t preposterous to claim, “The people at Squier Knapp Dunn know how to help you achieve your goals. We know how Washington works, and can make the system work for you. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll figure out how to go around the system – or even create a new one – to help you succeed. We stand ready to help with your next project.”

Yep, even if that project is to water down or eliminate altogether the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.



The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Liz Cheney summarizes exactly what is wrong with this President:  he is unable to craft a consistent policy that jibes with his rhetoric.  Instead, policy is, to put it far too kindly, fluid and whimsical.  This President is dangerously squandering the position and prestige of the United States.  It’s no wonder Fox News struck a nerve.  It’s Obama’s only one.


. . . I was all like, well, I just didn’t know what to say, except, ‘Wow, I don’t deserve this,’ and they said, ‘Oh, sure you do.   We’re just so thankful that George Bush is finally out of there.’  And I said, ‘Well, me too!  That’s what we call change you can really believe in.’ So then after I hung up, I just sort of sat there, stunned and thinking, ‘Wow, Michelle is going to be all over this!’ and then the phone rang and it was Bill Ayers, and Bill said, ‘Wow, congratulations, man, any chance you think they’d make it a two-fer and we’d pick up the one for Literature, too?’ and I was like, ‘Wow, that would be the absolute best, wouldn’t it?’ and then Rahm and Dave came in and said, ‘You know we’ve gotta figure out how to drag this Afghanistan thing on a little bit longer now until after you pick up that prize in December.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, we’ve gotta give that some serious thought.  Hey! Did you see my new orange painting here?  It’s just so . . . I don’t know, it just kind of resonates with me, you know?’ And then Dave said, ‘I’m thinkin’ we oughta put together some kind of thing – maybe another road trip where we could have Oprah and the Mayor along – this would be a nicer outcome than Copenhagen for them, and maybe Ashton and Demi, too, since they made that nice video and all, and they could all come along to Oslo and we’d have a better feeling about Scandinavians and stuff.’  And I was like, ‘Yeah, that would work.  I wonder if it would be cold enough for Michelle to cover her arms there?  I wonder if we could take a side trip in the name of peace and all?’ and then Rahmmy was like, ‘Dammit, now I am going to have to get with Gates again about the war deal.  Maybe I could get Wesley Clark to do that on the QT?  Hillary is just too . . . well, you know.’  And I was like, ‘Oh yeah, Wes would jump on that,’ and then the phone rang and it was the Operator who said, ‘President Carter is on the line, he wants to welcome you to the club,’ and I was all, ‘Take a message, that old racist creeps me out!’  And so then I just sort of looked out the window a little bit and thought, ‘Wow.  This is really it, isn’t it?  Let’s make sure Kanye’s invite to that Oslo road trip gets lost somehow, right?  Yeah.’



Shockingly, President Obama is planning a trip abroad to lobby for America.  Oh, wait.  It’s with the Olympic Committee.  Sorry, I got a little excited thinking of the possibilities.  It’s just so cool to think that the Pres would be pumping our cred with potential allies or something kind of overtly political.

How about this, Barry?  Next time, why not save the taxpayers some stimulus and minimize your carbon footprint to boot?  How, you say?  Stand up in front a couple hundred nincompoops and terrorists (that would be the United Nations General Assembly, full of oxymorons) and root for the home team.  Somebody who’s in constant campaign mode shouldn’t find that so HARD.

Here we see an incredulous journo (how did they let her in the WH Press Corps?  I’ll bet we don’t ever see HER again) trying to get Gibbs to “close the logic loop” on all this at about 1:40 minutes in.

How did we get here?  What are we, idiots here?

Since when does a sitting President, with more important meetings – like those with his Generals who are on the ground in Afghanistan, where our kids are getting shot at, you know, those more important meetings – with a war and building nuclear crisis, not to mention the mother of all deficits and a socialist overhaul to sell go across the globe to beseech the Olympic Committee?

Are you kidding me?

Let’s see:  Support for domestic agenda plummeting?  Check.

Afghanistan strategy ineffective.  Check.

U.N. speech underwhelming with its annoying apologia.  Check.

Iran fires missiles in response to verbal rebuke.  Check .

Key adviser stands to gain financially from Chicago venue.  Check.

When you’ve lost Newsweek, you must really want to leave town.